Rob McConnell Interviews – David Nabhan – Predicting the Next Great Mega Destructive Earthquake

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David Nabhan has spent the greater part of his life living in Southern California. He is an advocate who has been calling for the creation of an earthquake warning system for the US West Coast for the last two decades. He proposes an informal scheme whereby newspapers might publish higher probability advisories for elevated risks-and has taken that controversial debate public in many media forums with the USGS, Cal Tech, and Southern California Earthquake Center. Nabhan took degrees at Mesa College and San Diego State University in the 1970s. He was a certificated bilingual public school teacher for nineteen years for the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the LAUSD earthquake preparedness coordinator at his school site in South Central Los Angeles for fifteen of those years. – He is the author of a previous book, “Predicting the Next Great Quake” (1996). –
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