Rob McConnell Interviews – DAVE COTE – CubeSat Disclosure – Satellite Search for UFOs

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CubeSat Disclosure – Satellite Search for UFOs – CUBESAT DISCLOSURE –

Mission Objectives – Search For UFOs:

• Build a 2U CubeSat to search for anomalies in Low Earth Orbit
• Must be capable of receiving command and transmitting telemetry and mission data down.
• Experiments include:
• Real-time magnetometer observations
• Real-time geiger counter observations
• On-orbit HD image capture of surrounding Low Earth Orbit
• Capable of taking images in 5 second increments
• Transmitting images down and release images to public raw(untampered/unedited)
• Capable of coarse pointing accuracy
• Global Shutter for capturing moving objects

For the past 70 years, the topic of extraterrestrial intelligent beings and UFO’s has been controversial, if not ridiculed. Despite many sightings and events, government, military and media have made a strong attempt to discredit the idea of extraterrestrial “aliens”. And in the face of their apparent “disbelief” of the topic, the same military and governments have spent huge amounts of money secretly studying these “ridiculous” UFO’s and aliens. Thanks to freedom of information, and the actions of many with first hand experience, thousands of documents, witness testimony and data have surfaced, making the ridicule posed on ufology by media and governments seem staged and forced, with a very secret intent.

To name a few reasons why this topic is important, and why it must be subjected to rigorous scientific study:
1) Countries are beginning to release highly classified documents proving their governments interest in aliens and UFO’s.
2) Hundreds of highly credible witnesses have come forward with testimony that at least some UFO’s are verifiable alien technology.

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