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14 Years ago Daniel Rechnitzer made a life changing discovery. He discovered that his mind, in a complete space of stillness, had a remarkable capability. It became like an antenna, able to draw on outside information like a radio “tuning in” to other frequencies… one could almost say an All Knowing was becoming available. He soon discovered his brain was doing something most unique, it was becoming one – forming into a whole brain state rather than the two brain hemispheres working separately. In this “Whole Brain Space” he could access information on the root cause of life experiences: from the root cause of illness, to the thoughts behind relationship failures, to the subconscious beliefs creating financial struggles. He had tapped into a gift he has since found us all to have – an All Knowing Brain. Daniel is the author of The ALL KNOWING DIARY. He teaches around the world how to tap the vast reservoir of consciousness that our brain has been designed to access. His work is at the leading edge of Quantum Physics, pioneering the practical application of what scientists are only just starting to discover about our infinite Universe. Daniel is the founder of Ui Group – a not for profit organization that runs beginner courses to advanced practitioner training. – www.theallknowingdiary.