Rob McConnell Interviews – Dakota Frandsen – Specialist of the Strange

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Dakota Frandsen, the one and only Specialist of the Strange, is a paranormal investigator based in Southern Idaho with almost 400 years of ancestral history with the supernatural. Having started his operation at the age of fourteen, Dakota has taken on everything from spirits, demons, UFOS. Sasquatch. and even made an appearance on National Geographic’s “Drain the Oceans” for an episode on the Loch Ness Monster. The chaos of 2020 led Frandsen to address an increase in demonic cases; including one which may reveal the true identity of the infamous shadow person known as the “Hat Man.” His expertise in the unknown came from an encounter with the archangel Michael that brought him back from the dead and introduced him to a little girl that may be his daughter from the future.
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