Rob McConnell Interviews – Connie Good – A Sustainable Contentment

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For the past thirty-seven years, C.J. Good has been helping hundreds of men and women obtain a daily reprieve from excessive overeating, overindulgence and over consumption. C.J. Good participates in support groups all over the country. She has a distinctive understanding of the problems, repercussions and ramifications of their afflictions and is dedicated to providing assistance to those who still suffer. C.J. Good became something of a heroine for these men and women. But her journey to that place wasn’t easy. In her early years, despite Good’s career success in the investment management industry, she was a self-described “excessive overeater” and “over indulger.” When she finally got a reprieve from the cravings, she began to get so many questions from people with similar life challenges, she decided to share her private affirmations in “Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment.” –
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