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Rescue Medium – Christine Hamlett Walsh is a medium and psychic artist who has been on screen in the television show Rescue Mediums for several seasons. Her artwork has featured regularly in the show as she draws images of the spirit that she is in contact with. Rescue mediumship is a highly emotional experience and involves assisting a spirit that for whatever reason has become trapped on the Earth to cross over into the light and be at peace. Many of these spirits are troubled and in some cases may not even realise that they are no longer alive at all. Christine remembers both seeing and hearing spirit from an early age, including the spirits of elderly relatives that stayed close to her family. As with many children Christine developed a relationship which to everyone else was with an ‘invisible friend’, yet to Christine her friend was very real and was in fact a ghost. It was as a child that she also began to produce her psychic artwork, her first true productive link to the world of spirit communication. By the time she reached her teenage years she was reading cards for friends and family. In her late teens her abilities were called upon by people who believed they were being haunted, both in their homes and in their places of work. When she reached her twenties she joined a spiritualist church with the hope of finding out more about her gifts and how she could develop them. Upon the death of her father she threw herself even more into spiritualism in the hope of reconnecting with him. – www.christinehamlett.com


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