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Christina Hill was born with a heightened awareness of her intuitive abilities. As a young child, she could see, hear, feel and speak with spirit people and animals—those who had transitioned out of their physical bodies. She could also experience psychic impressions of people she encountered in life, often knowing a great deal about total strangers. For example, she could see where someone had been and where they were going.

At the age of five, she began assisting people during their dying process, supporting them as they crossed over. Those closest to her, however, told Christina that her gifts would only lead to eternal damnation so she hid her intuitive abilities away for much of her life.

After a great deal of personal transformation work and years of spiritual mentorship, Christina fully embraced all aspects of herself and her intuitive awareness. She discovered that she could open her whole self, including her voice and body, to enlightened spiritual beings who had messages for her. Christina worked to refine and renew the ancient art of first-person channeling, a gift she now shares with the world.

Christina met the Angel Athella in 2015 while in deep hypnosis. Athella told Christina that her life purpose had been revealed and that the time had come to start guiding people to discover their true nature. Christina calls Athella a “healing ascended master,” sharing that Athella says “ascended master,” “Angel” and “Spirit” are interchangeable terms. – www.athella.org

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