Rob McConnell Interviews – CHIEF ROY S. JONES JR. – A Hereditary Haida Gwaii Chief of the Queen Charlotte Islands

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Hereditary Haida Gwaii Chief (Queen Charlotte Islands) who has been involved, for many years, in marine ecosystem management, seal product development from abundant and humanely captured seals and seal hunt advocacy programs. – The Seals & Sealing Network is committed to the conservation of the world’s seals through sound scientific management and the principles of humane, sustainable and wise use, balanced with the economic realities and traditions of maritime peoples. Advancing respectful hunting practices is central to our purpose. This includes certifying the welfare, health and sustainability of seal herds while promoting maximum utilization of the meat, oil and pelts of abundant populations. To this end we support educational efforts to enhance understanding of the relationship between conservation and sustainable use. SUSTAINABLE USE: “… the use of resources at a rate which will meet the needs of the present without impairing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” Brundtland Commission, 1987
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