Rob McConnell Interviews – CHARLES STANSBURGE – MUFON State Section Director

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Charles “Chuck” Stansburge, MUFON State Section 12 Director, Star Team Member, CAG Member and Field Investigator told Rob McConnell on his interview on The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show this evening (Mon Feb 22 2016) that he has been on board a Battle Ship (UFO) a few times as a guest then as a member of the crew. He is what we call a Lieutenant in our world and with a crew of 7. The crew is half ET (Vegens, Reptilian) and the others are Human. Chuck says that he goes on board and on patrol at least once a week at time and sometimes every 2 weeks for about 2-3 days. The Battle Ship that he is assigned to remains in our solar system near Pluto to stay undetected. The ship, he claims, houses 500,000 souls from all over the galaxy (and beyond) – the ship is massive according to Charles. Charles also claims to have an ET Hybrid daughter that was created using his DNA – her name is Starlight – is very beautiful – and she is 4 years old. Her mother is ET and is 8’ tall. Starlight stays with her mother on their planet and Chuck does visit there now and then and they come to the ship he is on to see me before we head out to the war zone. Chuck Stansburge really enjoys what he does here on Earth investigating sightings, abductions and mutilations. It has been about 26 years now that Chuck has been involved with Ufology.

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