Rob McConnell Interviews – CHARLES LAMOUREUX – Are They Extraterrestiral Orbs or What?!?

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Charles Lamoureux is a self professed “UFOlogist” who, from his 21st floor condo in Vancouver, British Columbia, claims to have filmed thousands of hours of questionable UFOs which he claims and describes as “orbs” ranging from the size of a golf ball to the size of a beach ball. He claims to be studying what he calls are “Fleets of UFOs” that are in the sky over Vancouver.

His videos have never been authenticated by a professional video analyst, so, his ability as a “videographer/photographer” can explain these “orbs,” or what he calls, UFOs.

Although he lives in an area where high-rise apartments and condos are the order of the day, he had not asked other members of his neighbourhood if they have seen anything strange at night to collaborate his claims.

Lamoureux has not shared his videos, even though they number in the thousands of hours of footage (according to Lamoureux) with the military, police, government departments in the area of science or public safety.

His interview has only opened his credibility to close scrutiny as well as the videos he has uploaded to YouTuber.

According to a professional video analyst that was asked to review the YouTube video’s that Lamoureux has uploaded, by REL-MAR and a number of inconsistencies were discovered in the videos, their video settings, the production quality, were questionable… “amateur at best.”

You be the judge – as for an XZTV rating, we gave it a -3.