Rob McConnell Interviews – Barry Ruggiero – New Jersey Paranormal Investigations

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Barry is the owner of the dog grooming store and by night, a paranormal investigator in New Jersey. Barry’s interest in the paranormal came for his mother telling him a story about her mother who passed away visiting her in the orphanage. His actual pursuit about getting into the paranormal did not start until 2009. Barry started learning about different theories using physics to try to explain paranormal activity that intrigued his interest. After reading many books, Barry studied under Dave Juliano for a brief period of time. Along with his brother, they formed Ruggiero New Jersey Paranormal, which was later changed, after two years to New Jersey Paranormal. In 2016 Barry left the group and became a solo investigator. In 2017 Barry formed New Jersey Paranormal Investigations that does public events, fundraisers and private commercial cases.
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