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Atul kumar Mehra was born in New Delhi, India. From early childhood he showed much interest in the power of the mind, especially after his father Mr. Raghu Nath Mehra taught him the techniques of Concentration, Yoga and Meditation. He realized he was able to perceive future events, which led him to study Numerology and Palmistry. In college he developed different talents like Poetry and Creative writing; he worked professionally in the theatre. He was also awarded as best athlete for 100 meters Sprint and Long Jump. He completed his Masters Degree in India and placed special interest in learning different languages, which would later serve him to communicate while living abroad. He worked as a model and professional actor in television commercials and series’ in Venezuela. He was initiated as a Grand Master Reiki and Master Karuna Reiki. Currently, he works with Color Therapy, Holistic Healing and has extensive knowledge in Swedish and Thai therapeutic massages, Aromatherapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage among other techniques. – www.atulnet.net