Rob McConnell Interviews – ANTHONY ARMSTRONG – NJ-12 Nuclear War Survival Biosphere Project

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In a time of Peace, a wise man prepares for War, and in a time of War, a wise man prepares for Peace. A. A. Armstrong presents a story that describes how a man, Nathan Daniels, prepares for WW3 and the Peace that follows, with the concept of the NJ-12 Biosphere, a modern-day Noah’s Ark that protects a remnant of Earth-kind for several hundred years, during and after an Apocalypse. Nathan had to do something. After a short exposure to Military Armageddon planning, Nathan Daniels determined how Earth-kind could survive Nuclear War. It wasn’t a pretty plan but it was possible, and so goes the birth of the NJ-12 Biosphere Dome City.
Armstrong spent years working through the trauma of a Scientific Military Intelligence job. As an Engineer, Armstrong found a technical solution to a technical (Nuclear) problem. A Dome City could survive a Nuclear Holocaust and preserve all the gems of nature and mankind’s accomplishments. Having worked on the real context of a Biosphere City, without outside fruitful interest, A. A. Armstrong decided to express the concept of the NJ-12 Biosphere, as a work of Science Fiction – a drama Sci-Fi book that describes a far-out possible future for our Earth ‘Time-Line’. Anthony Armstrong was originally trained as an Electronics Engineer at a Master level. He has a wide range of experience including Solar Energy Research, Military Scientific and Technical Intelligence, and Intellectual Property. He is now retired and spends his time writing and maintaining information links with a network of close friends. His subject areas of concern are Prophecy and current events, Intellectual Property Security, and new Energy and Propulsion Technology.
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