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The Author is extremely knowledgeable about the harmful effects of the drugs that have been available for many years to the newest drug crazes hitting our streets. Her experience teaching economically disadvantaged, inner city high school students has proven how well she relates to teenagers. As sponsor of Student Council at her school she has excelled with the students. The organization has won numerous awards and two national awards including the Difference Maker Award from the National Association of Student Councils and a Special Recognition Award from America’s Blood Bank in Washington, D.C. for the school’s outstanding Blood Drives. During her years as sponsor of Student Council, Amy has dedicated herself to educating the students on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and has lead numerous campaigns educating the student body. One of her policies with the students is being honest. She answers the students questions about her alcoholism and drug addiction and how she has recovered. Her honesty inspires many of the young people to listen and take heed.

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