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Noted Psychic Medium, and “High Priestess of Stones”, Allison Hayes, “The Rock Girl”, has established an unmatched reputation across the country for her ability to use the sacred energy of stones to channel messages from Mother Earth and Spirit. Growing up on a large ranch in Bucks County, Pa., Hayes exhibited a penchant, for all things connected to nature at a very early age. She has always had a very special way with animals and a strong affinity to trees, rocks, water and air. In addition to her ability to communicate with nature, she also possessed strong psychic abilities. Often told that she was crazy by her parents and friends when she would blurt out things that were going to happen, Hayes learned to keep her predictions to herself as she was growing up. The unexpected death of her father in 1981 was very tough for Hayes and forced her to become an adult overnight. Dealing with numerous problems and helping her mother raise her younger brother and sister took its toll and she pretty much shut down, only taking care of things that had to be done. As soon as she graduated from high school, Hayes packed her bags and moved out. Working part time, she attended Junior College and then enrolled at Temple College, graduating Cum Laude. It was during her college days that Hayes began to come out of her shell. She once again felt empowered and began to reconnect with her psychic self and enjoy life. Delving back into the psychic world, she began to study both in this country and abroad. Learning from “old school” stone teachers, Hayes climbed into stone quarries and dug rocks out of the earth. She then had to work with them for months on end, until she could separate the energies out of each stone just by touch. In order to pass her tests and be deemed a High Priestess of Stones, she had to be able to put her hands into the muddy water and identify each stone by its vibration. She has truly earned the title of “High Priestess of Stones” and her love and connection with rocks is evident. In fact. Hayes lives in a house that has over 10,000 stones and her “Rock Room” studio in Manhattan is stone from the floor to the ceiling, even the bathroom s made of stone. She sleeps with stones under her pillow and always has her 13 pound Black Obsidian rock at the foot of her bed. Hayes is an avid animal rescuer and has many animals of her own. A fighter for human rights and she is also a fierce protector of trees. It is her belief that life is a wondrous journey of living, loving, learning and spiritual evolution she is fiercely committed to honoring the Divine that dwells within us all. – www.therockgirl.com

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