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Acharya S is classically educated in archaeology, history, mythology and languages. Her formal training includes a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in Classics, Greek Civilization, from Franklin and Marshall College. She also attended the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in Greece. She is a fellow of the Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion, a division of the Council for Secular Humanism. While preserving her privacy, she has been interviewed on a variety of radio stations. In an interview she said she came from a moderate Christian background. Though not traumatic or “Fundamentalist”, she described it as “boring” and said she ceased attending church regularly at age 12. Her inspiration for exploring the Jesus myth theory was reportedly Joseph Wheless’s book Forgery in Christianity. She then read other works, such as Kersey Graves. The World’s 16 Crucified Saviours and Barbara Walker’s The Woman’s Encyclopaedia of Myth and Secrets.