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PULP-POURRI THEATRE S3 E2 “Right Number, Wrong Party” (Suspense)

“Right Number, Wrong Party” is the story of a hero cop with feet of clay, and a phone call that never should have been answered. Music by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech dot com. Starring the Narada Radio Company. Adapted by Pete Lutz from an audio play script by Jack J. Ward. Pulp-Pourri Theatre theme composed and performed by Rich Wentworth. Special features between-the-acts were written by Pete Lutz. CAST OF RIGHT NUMBER, WRONG PARTY: HOST: Pete Lutz ANNOUNCER: Lisa Ayala BENNETT HADLEY: Julio Herrera KITTERSTEIN: Maurice Curran TELEPHONE OPERATOR/911 OPERATOR: Kristy Glick SHARON HADLEY: Ophelia McBride WAITER: Jim Baldridge Garst COLIN PARRISH: George Hatfield LOUDSPEAKER VOICE: Nancy Gaugler SPECIAL FEATURES CAST: “Extreme Laundry Folding Competition” Segments: ANNOUNCER: Darren Rockhold PHILBOYD STUDGE: Pete Lutz POLLY COTTEN: Aileen Corpos SGT MAJOR TIM PLAIT WHISTLE: HMCM Mark Hacala, USN (Ret)