Richard Grossinger | Walking The Abyss, Cosmogenesis, Dreamtime, and The Universal Force of Light

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Richard Grossinger, curator of Sacred Planet Books, a member of the Inner Traditions editorial board, the founder and former publisher of North Atlantic Books, and a founding co-publisher of Io, a seminal interdisciplinary literary journal that ran from 1964–1993. He attended Amherst College and completed a PhD in ecological anthropology at the University of Michigan. He has written more than 30 widely acclaimed books on alternative medicine, cosmology, embryology, and consciousness, including Dark Pool of Light: Reality and Consciousness, The Night Sky: Soul and Cosmos, and Bottoming Out the Universe. Through the Sacred Planet collection, published under the umbrella of the Inner Traditions family of imprints, Grossinger continues his long-standing publishing talent for developing deep co-creative relationships with authors. His main psychospiritual practices have been dreams and symbols, t’ai chi ch’uan, craniosacral therapy, and the Sethian system of psychic energy taught by John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher. Sacred Planet continues these themes while emphasizing other urgent topics: climate, permaculture, alchemy, biological transmutation, viral transmission, meta-politics, hyperobjects, spirit-walking, shapeshifting, the etheric realm, oracles, locutions, time travel, astrology, crystals, and subtle bodies.

He Joined me for a discussion about his life’s journey, from discovering his father was not his true father, only to find out the next father was again not his true father, leading a life in the counter culture and seeing the effects of his brothers extreme fascination with esotericism turned into a life on the streets of NYC. From Catskill vortex vibes to Hopi Tribes and Psychic Research at Berkeley to Founding North Atlantic Publishing,  Richard has led a compelling life and he was gracious and thoughtful in telling his story and weaving in wisdom and perspective garnered over many decades of experience with the alternative. Richard told for the first time his run in with cancel culture and its lopsided bigotry, and shared his candid thoughts on the political world today and its symbolic and occult influences. We discussed cosmogenesis and the inaccuracies of modern science specifically as it pertains to consciousness, he sited the intelligence of crows and octopus, and described his tutelage in energy work. We also discussed the many synchronicities that occurred leading up to our meeting and the nature of energy, synchronicity, vortexes, and so much more.

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