Richard and Linda Smith – The Idea of Being Human – AUDIO VERSION

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Richard William Smith and Linda Maria Smith

Have you ever wondered how we got ourselves into this bizarre existence called civilization? What is the covenant of Gaia? How do our extraterrestrial visitors play into this? What is their actual significance and who are the Corporate Titans of Orion? What is the connection between the Moorish Legacy and the Masonic Agenda? What is the true nature of our existence on this planet? How are the Sasquatch, the Krists, and the Temple of Solomon relevant to our destiny in the modern world? Why are academic and religious perceptions of history so completely inaccurate? Why are we the constant target of human degradation? There is a huge disparity in definition, or form and function when anthropologists describe culture or define culture.. Or try to define culture… Can we describe it in a sentence, a paragraph, or does it take a lifetime to describe the concept? Does a proper definition exist? Tonight we try to gain traction on a concept that eludes us.. This is My Alien Life…

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Thank you so much to an incredible producer, writer and musician… Thank you Eleon, for putting together the amazing music heard on this podcast.  I am forever grateful to you.  Your talent is a gift to me, my listeners and the universe.


Tonight’s audio/video engineer and producer is Cassidae Lighwing.  

I am Cam Logan….Be sure to listen to previous shows available everywhere you find podcasts…  THIS is MY ALIEN LIFE>>>