Review: Talk to Me w/ Chloé Harper Gold

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David and Devin are joined by horror writer Chloé Harper Gold to review A24’s latest hit! First half spoiler-free.

The new teen fad engrosses Mia: underground parties use an embalmed hand to commune with and become temporarily possessed by ghastly spirits. They say you’ll be fine, so long as you don’t remain in contact beyond ninety seconds. But Mia has a few ghosts of her own, and her grief leads her down a spiral that may place her and everyone she loves in jeopardy!

TALK TO ME is now playing in theaters, directed by Michael and Danny Philippou (aka YouTube’s rackaracka) and starring Sophie Wilde and Miranda Otto.

07:24 – Let’s Get Into It!

11:16 – Spoiler-Free Reviews

22:02 – Bone Reviews

24:23 – Full Reviews

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“We Made a HORROR FILM (Talk To Me),” by rackaracka (video David references in episode)


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