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Arthur Conan Doyle and Professor Challenger make a welcome return to the show, as we turn once again to the worlds of Edwardian fantastic Imperial fiction, and the history of still-living dinosaurs in literature. Dr Richard Fallon joins us to talk all things LOST WORLD, in particular the vision Conan Doyle had for a subtle, restrained presentation of the tale via the illustrations of his brother-in-law PATRICK LEWIS FORBES, versus the more familiar, bombastic, monster-filled illustrations of HARRY ROWNTREE. Will the great writer get his way? Topics include:

-dueling visions of The Lost World through its illustrations!

-dinosaurs in lost race/world stories versus in Swiftian satire

-Conan Doyle’s own supposed ‘cryptid’ sighting

-Professor Challenger as a representation of Conan Doyle’s ideas about science

-the faked ‘imposter’ photos taken for the Lost World


Buy Me A Coffee! It keeps me awake while hunting dinosaurs


Creatures Of Another Age, Richard Fallon


Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World: Illustrating the Romance of Science, Richard Fallon (includes some of Forbes’ illustrations)


Reimagining Dinosaurs in Late Victorian and Edwardian Literature, Richard Fallon


Call for Interdisciplinary Science Reviews Special Issue


Gallery of Lost World illustrations, including Harry Rountree’s set