Rethinking the Paranormal – June 26, 2021

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Seriah is joined by Stephanie Quick and David Metcalfe for a wide-ranging discussion based around the subject of using a multidisciplinary approach to studying the paranormal. Topics include Bigfoot encounters that include strange lights/UFOs/MIB, Loch Ness Monster and the occult, witness testimony, emotions affecting perception, orinthology vs ufology, the film “The Explorers”, the 1946 UFO sighted in southern California and described as being made of balsa wood, Meade Layne, Mark Probert, meta-materials, the paranormal encounter as a holistic experience, California wild fires and flash floods as metaphors for the paranormal, the Stephenville lights, the O’Haire Airport UFO, anomalous weather, Jeffrey Mishlove’s “The PK Man: the true and strange story of Ted Owens”, the UFO as a manifested object, witnesses seeing very different things, Jenny Randles’ book “Mind Monsters”, geo-magnetic anomalies and the paranormal, Dr. William G. Roll’s University of West Georgia studies of poltergeist activity, Dr. David Mitchell’s UWG study of quartz and time-slip phenomenon, Dr. Christine Simmonds-Moore’s UWG study of the “God Helmet”, citizen-scientists and the paranormal, APRO, reality TV paranormal investigation, shadow people, bird-watching as a model for establishing scientific paranormal studies, Patricia Pearson on systematizing experiences with the dead, Jacques Vallee and Paula Harris, interview techniques, psi training, the devaluing of repeat experiencers, old-school MUFON networking, the counter-productivity of the internet and social media, target demographic marketing, the news cycle and the decline of investigative journalism, and much more! This is an episode not be missed, loaded with information!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is “Femme” by Delta of Venus