Releasing Discouraging Myths in Mediumship

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For this episode, I will be talking about myths around mediumship. I wanted to premise this by saying that most of the myths actually came from my Instagram audience. Two weeks ago, I posted the question, “What are some of the myths around mediumship that maybe you once believed, or you still believe, that you just don’t feel 100% sure about?” in my stories. 


Our experiences and the things we hear formulate our beliefs, but ultimately our beliefs are our choice. I first encountered mediumship by watching Sylvia Brown and John Edwards on TV at the age of 14. I read all of Sylvia Brown’s books in high school and I believed everything she wrote to be the truth without questioning it. There were things I read that scared me, but I wasn’t discerning and I realized through my own development that a lot of it simply wasn’t true.


I am not the holder of the ultimate truth about mediumship either, so I can only share from my lived experience. You may have a physical sensation or knowing when something feels like truth for you. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I say to be flexible in your beliefs because they will likely shift as you experience more on your path.


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In this episode:

    • It is hard for people to see the harm that can be caused if they wouldn’t be offended
  • Q: You shouldn’t do readings until 6 months after someone passes
    • Spirit’s ability to communicate and the sitter’s grief are reasons given for why
    • That became less true as my confidence grew and I connected with people who recently passed
    • Unclear communication may actually be evidence of their communication in life
    • The quality of a reading is based on the three way link of spirit, the reader and the sitter
    • It will be a struggle if the sitter is skeptical and not an open channel for the link
    • Be open because there are multiple truths that can coexist in harmony at the same time
  • Q: A common phrase is that all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums
    • We tend to believe things blindly until we exposed other philosophies and experiences
    • I don’t believe that our Creator chooses who has abilities and who doesn’t
    • Q: Does everyone have the gift of mediumship? Yes!
    • I believe we are all born with gifts but not everyone develops these abilities
    • The fact that mediumship is even in your awareness is a sign from your soul 
    • I didn’t jump on the path the first few times it was brought to my awareness
    • Skeptical people like my husband could develop but that doesn’t mean they will
    • Q: Can you turn your abilities on and off? 
    • Yes, and there have only been a few times in 9 years that spirit has been pushy
    • I have a lot of boundaries but there are people who are constantly surrounded by spirit
    • There is permission granted, so I question what the motive is other than being showy
  • Q: Thoughts on psychic residue versus haunted location
    • Though I was a paranormal investigator, I am undecided on my beliefs about earthbound spirits
    • We validated evidence the medium received, but we didn’t get any paranormal evidence 
    • I’ve been able to feel the energy of a place, like the previous owner of a home who had passed
    • It wasn’t her stuck there because it was an intelligent, two-way conversation
    • Aboriginal Medium Sean Leonard, who I highly regard, has EVP evidence and I trust him
  • Q: My dad believes it’s just tricks from the devil
    • Ask how you feel about a belief and if it improves your quality of life.
    • We can’t change someone’s beliefs for them
  • Q: I don’t anymore, but i always believed that mediums identified as spiritual
    • There is a spectrum of how much of a priority it is and there is a client for everyone
  • Q:  You need to study, practice for years to actually connect with spirit, unless born with it
    • I believed that you have to pay your dues
    • The time it took for me to step into the public had nothing to do with my connection to the divine
    • A large part of our development is healing our human and building confidence
  • Q: I don’t have a loved one I’m trying to connect with so mediumship isn’t for me.
  • There is always someone we can connect to from our lineage
  • Mediumship is evidential by nature, and can be difficult if the sitter can’t validate
  • We can bring through what is current in their life, though this could come through psychic too
  • The need in mediumship is part of the magic of the three way link (Spirit, sitter, reader)
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