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Frights! Camera! HACKtion Weirdos!! 

We are once again covering HORROR MOVIES on this beloved, strange podcast of ours and this time we’re doing it with a twist.  We’re taking three horror movies we love and discussing real life true events that may have inspired them.  

Ashley & Lauren are joined by horror movie director ISAAC RUTH as we dive into some very scary REAL events.

Ashley starts us off with 2015’s THE VVITCH and we discuss what exactly happened in Europe between the 1400s and the 1700’s (and the infamous event in Salem, MA) when so many men and women were murdered for “witchcraft.”

Then Isaac takes over to discuss 1975’s JAWS and why in the world so many of us are so, so scared of the oceans that cover most of our planet.

And Lauren finishes us off with 2003’s WRONG TURN and we talk about the real life terror that is incest and inbreeding.

Grab your popcorn and your favorite pair of 3D glasses and meet us on the couch under the covers for some REEL HORROR.


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