Red Sky At Night: In Search Of The Lost Cosmonauts (with Dr Tom Ellis)

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Dr Tom Ellis talks about the myth of the Lost Cosmonauts, why this symbol has had such staying power, and what it tells us about Western perceptions about the Soviet Union and its space programme. Topics include:

-American reactions to Yuri Gagarin’s flight

-The secrecy of the Soviet space programme breeding rumours and myths

-The idea of the ‘communist mind’ and communism as a ‘secular religion’

-Robert Heinlein and the Lost Cosmonauts

-‘Yurimania’ and promoting Yuri Gagarin as a sex symbol

-The Italian Battista brothers’ claims of recording lost cosmonauts

-The Lost Cosmonaut image in film and art as a representation of memories of the Soviet state

-Vladimir Komarov, the ‘real’ lost cosmonaut

-Lost cosmonauts as a political idea vs a cultural idea


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