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On this episode we discuss one of the most maligned and mysterious figures from modern history; a man who is as famous for his death as for his life, and someone like him would put the willies up anyone in power because he was an uncontrollable and unpredictable force; this episode is all about Rasputin.

Shambling into St Petersburg from the Siberian countryside in the early days of the 20th century; is how most people would view the tale of Rasputin; but the truth is often stranger. As part of a campaign of popularity and spectacle in a turn of the century royal socialite influencer class, Rasputin was invited to the royal court as part of some sort of esoteric oddity and was so charming he managed to become one of the Tsarinas closest advisors.

Rasputins massive shlong and love making prowess is also part of the legend and this, along with his unroyal blood made the movers and shakers in Romanov controlled Russia quite nervous. Rasputin was rumoured to be utterly debauched and his strange unkempt appearance, his uncouth charm and his loose morals meant that he was a threat to the status quo.

The legendary tale of the assassination of Rasputin probably over shadows anything he did in life and is itself wrought with rumour and inconsistency. Murdered by jealous royal in-laws, Rasputin’s legend endures and we go deep and long on it for this episode!


Joining me for this one are comedians Tom O’Mahony and Micky Bartlett and we get deep on The Mad Monk. You should give the lads a follow and look for their live shows and their own podcasts.

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