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Ramblesode – Fairy Circles

After making a discovery from TikTok….again….of course, we present this week’s Ramblesode; Your Audio Curators, Jas and Sher, discuss the topic of Fairy Circles. Apparently it’s only been a thing for like, a thousand years or more.

Science would debate that the appearance of random mushroom circles popping up are due to the decomposition of a feld tree. However, their descriptions to as the twenty different circumstances and soil conditions are more than confusing. Experts can’t seem to nail it down to one or two specific scenarios that leads to a Fairy Circle or Fairy Ring: which are perfectly round in circumference forming a ring of mushrooms that seem to appear overnight and sometimes encircles an offering of sorts that the Fairies claim as their own.

Um.…science…..time to take a back seat and let the folklore Fai and generational stories take over. Tales that span the globe and warn of the consequences on discovering a Fairy Circle almost seem more credible. Do you dare enter the circle?

We want to believe…..can you tell? You decide on the reasoning behind why these ‘Witches Rings’ appear.

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