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Raised by Bigfoot? Bigfoot Roaming the Wilds with a Child? Human Hybrid or Kidnapped Child

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May 19, 2000 — VANCOUVER, Canada – Excited researchers are combing the wilds of British Columbia in response to recent sightings of Bigfoot accompanied by a blond-haired boy! More than two-dozen people claim to have seen the human youngster dressed in animal skins and loping along beside the towering man beast. Investigators speculate that the mystery boy may be the missing survivor of a plane crash that occurred in the area 11 years ago, and he possibly raised from childhood by a Bigfoot or a family of Bigfoot type creatures.

“This is the most tantalising development in Bigfoot research to take place in decades,” said Dr. Rob Worrier, a zoologist involved in the hunt for the elusive forest creature. He went on to say “It suggests that Bigfoot is not some shambling monster as he is often depicted, but a gentle and intelligent being capable of nurturing behaviour and compassion.”

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