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(EXPLICIT) Occult, History, Conspiracy, Violence. Host, Jon Towers pours a giant drink and tackles topics weekly. Sometimes dark, sometimes mysterious but always entertaining. Jon presents the information in a conversational but edgy tone and struggles to add context and often levity to these examinations of dark magic, the mysteries hidden in dusty old books, forgotten myths, unknown stories of our past, politics and pop-culture and plots from secret organizations and elites.

Quarantarot Episode: Friday 3/27/2020 – Saturday 3/28/2020

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Turn off the news media for a little bit and let the universe tell you what is up with Tarot cards! In this episode Jon make his first official specific predication!

Friday 3/27/2020
Card 1: King of Cups
Card 2: 9 of Swords
Card 3: Queen of Pentangles (R)
Card 4: Knight of Wands
Card 5: The High Priestess
Card 6: The Devil
Card 7: The World
Card 8: 10 of Swords
Card 9: 4 of Pentangles (R)
Card 10: 7 of Swords

Saturday 3/28/2020
Card 1: 5 of Cups (R)
Card 2: Knight of Pentangles
Card 3: 2 of Wands (R)
Card 4: 10 of Cups
Card 5: The Devil (R)
Card 6: Page of Swords (R)
Card 7: 3 of Cups
Card 8: The Tower
Card 9: 2 of Swords (R)
Card 10: 3 of Wands

Sunday 3/29/2020 (Wait to the very end)
Card 1: 4 of Cups

Featured Books: The Pictorial Key of the Tarot – Waite
The Tarot of the Bohemians – Papus
The Tarot – S.L. MacGregor Mathers
General Book of the Tarot – A.E. Tierens

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Written / Produced / researched / Performed – Jon Towers

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