Prt 2 – Cannock Chase, a Black Liquid Sphere, An 8ft tall Shadow Being & a Rushing Woodwose

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Last month I was contacted by Richard J, from Wolverhampton, he was kind enough to share his many strange experiences. Richard was interviewed by Peter and Natalia Moore and they all visited the area of Richards most recent experience. In the last article we heard about the many UFO sightings Richards has had. He also explained about the shadow figures in his home and some other paranormal events.

After witnessing a Large Cat stalking a deer on the chase Richard shied away from the area for a while and now only visits at night if he has company. But as he pointed out, its rare to find someone who is prepared to sit out with you at night in a deserted forest which is known for Werewolves, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Black eyed Children, The Pigman, Wolves and Large Cats. Luckily thats Natalia’s and Pete’s ideo of a good night. Once this lockdown is over you are more than welcome to join them.

Richard was with his cousin when he had many of his experiences. His cousin James has had some experiences of his own on the chase. Whilst up there sky watching with a friend, they saw a dark silhouette moving towards them, they described it as being “around 8ft tall, it had a conical body shape, large across the chest and much narrower down where the legs were” both of the men were terrified, and the figure continued to come towards them in a fast paced motion. They described the unusual way It walked and they way the arms swung as it moved along. They turned the car headlights on and the figure vanished. It was nowhere to be seen. They left the chase quickly and didnt return to that spot for a very long time.

Richard often takes his telescope up to the chase and has seen orb like lights hovering over the city. And on one occasion when he was with a friend he saw a tall dark shadow in his peripheral vision. He described it as a dark coloum. He walked back and forth and tried to see where it had gone but sadly he was unable to.

The chase is certainly a place packed with phenomena. Have you experienced anything in the Cannock Chase area?

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