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The past couple weeks we have been diving into subjects and locations regarding darker natured places and this week we wanted to go into a pretty interesting but needed area of the paranormal and that's protection. We explore all the ways people and other investigators use specific items or symbols to protect themselves spiritually on investigations. We also dive into the history of some of these objects. Did you know people would actually burn religious symbols into the foundation of their homes to help protect and ward off evil spirits? Come join us as we talk about what we use for protection and also past experiences where protective symbols, crystals and more have helped us. 

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Bonus Episode: Next Wednesday with Mauldin

Our intro and outro music is a song called Stacy Dahl by Mauldin! Make sure to check them out on Spotify and Instagram @_mauldin_ and then next week on a bonus episode where Isaac talks with them about their paranormal experiences and more.

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