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This Project Audion episode offers the national premiere of a NEW Fibber McGee and Molly episode, written by Robert L. Mills, former staff writer for comedy legend Bob Hope. Mills’ script recreates the style, laughs, and charm of classic Fibber & Molly radio shows. “Fibber’s Missing Tux” literally brings the couple out of retirement to be honored for their years on the airwaves.

As a bonus, after our recreation, we interview Robert L. Mills himself in his Hollywood home, talking about writing comedy, his days with Hope, and the Old Time Radio era.

It’s an OTR fan’s dream, and our dream cast includes:

Fibber McGee: John Bell (Alabama)

Molly: Jan Welch (North Carolina)

Teeny: Carolyn Threlkeld (Kentucky)

Doc Gamble: Ken Raney (Texas)

Old Timer: Harry Middlebrooks (California)

Wally Wimple: Duane Noch (New Jersey)

Harlow Wilcox: Chris Hart (Florida)

Production, direction, and sound by Larry Groebe (Texas)