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(Orig. rel. 3/5/21) Project Audion’s latest production recreates a vintage episode of “Destination X” called “Requiem”, an adaptation of a short story by science fiction master Robert Heinlein. In our 21st-century world, when it’s been over 50 years since we first set foot on the moon, it’s fascinating to revisit a time when we had yet to even send a man into space. What dreams might drive a man to reach the moon and the stars? Dimension X gave us answers in this episode from September 1951.

Our North American cast includes:

Bob Beaumont in California

Marty Bufalini in Michigan

Larry Groebe in Texas

Lesley Marberry in Tennessee

John Mauldin in Tennessee

Brad Oxnam in Tennessee

Jacob Palka in Illinois

Rachel Pulliam in Missouri

Sound Effects were by Ken Rainey in Texas, and John Mauldin directed.