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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Big Story radio drama recreated by Project Audion!

Newspaper reporters were once heroic figures – exposing rackets and corruption, taking down the powerful and giving voice to the powerless. The “Big Story” series from audio drama’s original classic era (the mid 20th century) celebrated the newspaper reporter – selecting true headlines and converting them into gripping dramas, much like Dragnet did with police.

Audion’s December offering is a story set during the Christmas holiday, and while there IS an appearance by Santa Claus and a happy ending – this is a drama, pure and simple – of murder, greed, and redemption. Hmmm…maybe a Christmas theme after all! Our cast reaches from Canada to across the United states to recreate this lost original script just as it was done back then, so you can hear it for the first time since December 20, 1950! Our cast:

David Phillips in Virginia Donna Patton in Tenessee Trevor Rines in Canada Sean Massey in Texas Julie Hoverson in Washington Dana Gonsalves in Texas Scott McKinley in New Jersey Ken Raney in Texas and Larry Groebe did the heavy lifting