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PROJECT AUDION #40: I Was a Communist for the FBI

(Orig. rel. 3/10/23) What’s black and white and Red all over? “I was a Communist for the FBI”, that’s what – the Cold-War era radio thriller that purported to tell the real-life story of Matt Cvetic, who posed as a member of the Communist Party while actually spying for the FBI. Whether true or fantastic, these half hour “radio noir” dramas put forward the fears which the Red Menace held for mid-century America. Most episodes of this taut melodrama can be heard today, but a handful of episodes are lost, and Project Audion’s March show is one of them. The script to “Citizens of Nowhere” was pulled from archives in New York and is performed by our nationwide cast for the first time in 70 years.

MATT CVETIC: Jeff Billard, MA

KAY MORONI: Holly Adams, NY

ANTON REISLING: Pete Fernbaugh, WV

DORA REISLING: Julie Hoverson, WA


COLBY: Greg Vestal, TX

ANNOUNCER & VOICE: George Taylor, TN

Production, direction, and audio by Larry Groebe, TX