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Continuing our special run of Christmas and holiday shows, we proudly present the latest release from our friends at Project Audion: My True Story: A Christmas to Remember.

Project Audion’s December classic radio recreation is a lost episode from a virtually-lost series – how’s that for a Christmas present from the past! “My True Story” was on the air from 1943 to 1962 on three networks, but it’s all but forgotten today, as maybe 10 vintage recordings survive from perhaps 5,000 original broadcasts!

A daily cousin to the daytime soap operas, “My True Story” produced a nearly hour-long complete drama five days a week – an astonishing achievement. Our Christmas Eve 1958 episode (#3,833), also titled “The Orphan In The Auditorium,” asked the question, “What happens to a child who unexpectedly meets Santa Claus?”

It’s full of poignant, heart-tugging emotion for the holidays, and was recreated from an original script saved by the 10 year old actress who played “Dot,” with a far-flung Zoom-based cast performing live…

Wendy: Holly Adams, NY

Dot: Rachel Pulliam, MO

Momma / Mother Sams: Sharon Grunwald, NJ

Santa: Ken Raney, TX

Announcer: John Bell, AL

Rachel Pulliam directed, and Larry Groebe created the music and handled production