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Many is the band that wishes they could have a second chance at what turned out to be their final performance—maybe they could have brought more energy to that night, or savored it just a little more… and then there’s the terrible but unforgettable case of the celebrated rock group Waters Blue and Permanent (2003-2022).

Music (all rights reserved):

“Salve Regina – Violin & Piano” by Patrick Ussher, “El Faro” by When the Tide Breaks Free, “Fount” by Homely, “Everything” by The Days

Audio mastering: Les Lentz

Special thanks to Sharon Yablon of the Garden of Terrible Blooms podcast for being my location advisor on this one.

Listen to Soren Narnia’s narration of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Festival” at the Lovecraft eZine Podcast’s YouTube channel.

Art by S. Patrick Brown, https://www.instagram.com/scalawagarts/.

Art by Grey Allison, https://www.instagram.com/greyallison/?hl=en


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