Homespun Haints

Hosted ByBecky Kilimnik and Diana Doty

(Explicit) Ready for something truly scary? Listen to real stories of hauntings, ghosts, haints, and other paranormal occurrences, told by the very people who experienced them.

Preview: Gather round the campfire and prepare to be spooked

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We're Becky and Diana, and we're the hosts of Homespun Haints.We talk to people just like you who've come face to face with ghosts, spirits, haints, and other strange paranormal phenomena. All of it makes for a chilling good time.So grab yourself a sweet tea, turn off the lights, and listen to some scary, true ghost stories, told by the very people who experienced them.We're not scared. Are you?To learn more about us, or to submit your own story for consideration on the show, please visit https://homespunhaints.comSupport the show (