PREVIEW: Bl00d, Meat & Satanism: Kerth Barker Book Mash-Up w/ FRESH Film’s Secret Origins!

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PREVIEW TIME! We’re doing our third bonus episode over on the supporter feeds in April (to add to the 100+ already available)! We discuss Kerth Barker’s classic book “C@nn1balism, Bl00d Drinking & High Adept Satanism”! We’ll be comparing this to the film FRESH (the most recent bonus episode posted last week) and you’ll be shocked to see the parallels! Evan Rachel Wood recently revealed that Marilyn Manson and her traded blood and we’ll find out why… We’ll walk through Barker’s entire story and learn about MKULTRA, the Illuminati, Luciferians and Satanists, aliens and how they’re into all this eating of human flesh. We’ll talk about the real meaning of the Sphinx, the artwork seen in FRESH that is in Barker’s book at the satanic temple, globalist plots, the real meaning of the transhuman agenda, rituals seen in Hocus Pocus, and even human furniture! We’ll wrap up with Josie Weishaupt’s bombshell revelation of WHY they might be adrenalizing the meat- this one is a wild ride- don’t miss it.


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