Presenting Orphan Black: The Next Chapter, Season 2 Episode 1

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This week, we’re bringing you the first episode of the Orphan Black: The Next Chapter, Season 2! This season, star Tatiana Maslany is joined by her TV castmates Jordan Gavaris (Felix), Evelyne Brochu (Delphine), and Kristian Bruun (Donnie).

Orphan Black, The Next Chapter

Narrated by Emmy Award winner Tatiana Maslany, the official continuation of the hit TV series continues the journey of the sestras and explores the dangerous, life-changing consequences of having destroyed Project Leda for good.

Season 2, Episode 1: Nothing So Painful as a Great and Sudden Change

In the aftermath of their exposure, the Sestras face backlash from anti-clone protestors and newly aware clones alike. Meanwhile, Cophine considers sharing a secret.

Content warning: domestic abuse.

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