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Hey everyone!

We’re gearing up to record Season 5 (in an all-new studio!) but in the meantime, we have another dark comedy we think you’ll love: Kakos Industries.

Kakos Industries is an audio drama podcast about an evil megacorporation that specializes in helping you to Do Evil Better. Join CEO Corin Deeth III as he reads you your monthly shareholder announcements, keeping you apprised of all the advancements in Evil, and all of the bizarre occurrences from inside of the Kakos Industries facilities. It says here that you are ALREADY a shareholder. It emphasizes that this condition is SERIOUS. It goes further to say that you will have to listen to know what that means.

Episode 123: The Heart

Today‚Äôs broadcast is coming to you from an egg that just hatched in front of you…”

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