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We’ve got two more live episodes coming up, and after that, Season 5 of Civilized begins at the end of April!

This week, though, we are bringing you an episode of a show we think you’re going to really enjoy: Intra Quest.

Intra Quest – Episode 1: Pilot

Aether and Sirius, partners on a mission, meet Logo, who attempts to recruit them for a new quest on behalf of The Agency. The three work together to complete the current mission.

Intra Quest – Created by Michael Freiberg

A production of iHeartRadio and Astrum Media

Executive Produced by Michael Freiberg and iHeartRadio

Co-produced by Adam Raymonda and Chelsea English

Sound Design and Mix by Dennis Dembeck

Music by Trey Toy

Episode written by Michael Freiberg

Performances by:

Matthew Broussard | Aether

Mike Lebovitz | Sirius

Myq Kaplan | Logo

Lucie Pohl | Umbra


Avalon Penrose | Lucia

Ethan Herschenfeld | Vice Scholar

Pat Swearingen | Yurian

Nick Naney | Kingpin

Tyler Fischer | Street Cart Vendor

Gian DiCostanzo | Young Merchant

Hannah Matusow | Junior Scholar

Director and Head Writer: Michael Freiberg

Writers: Tom Delgado and Will Julian

Story Editor: Chelsea English

Dialogue Editor: Adam Raymonda

Additional Music: Matthew Blocha

Foley: Post Red

Narration: Graham Rowat

Key Art: Rich Davies

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