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Hi everyone! This week, we’re sharing one of our favourite improvised shows, from the team behind Dumbgeons and Dragons – it’s Facing Fate. The newest season, Black Knight, is dropping now, featuring our own Sean Howard!

Facing Fate

An improvised audio fiction series that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Each season explores a new genre with some of the darkest and funniest improvisers we can afford.

Black Knight: Episode 01

Facing Fate: Black Knight begins as we meet the first team of hapless characters on the “national” Live Action Roleplaying reality TV show. The cast introduces themselves and kick off the competition to find out who will be the “SOUL SURVIVOR”.



Steve Mcflinterson – Russ More

Sequoia – Amy More

Hannah – Carla Maxted

Grant – Tom Laird

with Sean Howard as Carl

Editing, Production and Sound Design by Russ More

Music & SFX: 



Sound Ideas

Cover Art by KC Bailey.

Find out more at dumbdragons.com/facing-fate

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