Small Town Secrets

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(Explicit) A podcast that explores the strange stories of small towns across the globe. They may be paranormal, true crime, or just plain weird. Every town has a secret what is yours?

Point Township, PA/ Niterói BR

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On the morning August 4th, 2002 at around 5:00 AM. Todd Sees got up grabbed his bow, hopped on his ATV and went off to do a little deer hunting.Todd would never been seen alive again.It would be mystery after mystery, layer after layer and to this day we still don’t have a lot of answears.

Just outside the Rio de Janeiro in Brazil likes the city of Niterói, a name thet means hidden water.It’s home to Museum of Comtempory Art of Niterói and the richest city in Brazil.However, in 1966 it was known for a most puzzling case.The Lead Mask Case

WikiPedia article about Lead Masks Caseói, Manuals and Published Papers/Specialty UFO Publications/Flying Saucer Review/FSR,1967,Mar-Apr,V 13,N 2.pdf

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