PM: 073 – Ancient Yogic Wisdom Meets Modern Mediumship with Gurdeep Bhogal

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#073 Trance Medium, Gurdeep Bhogal,  is in the studio to share her incredible knowledge on where ancient yogic wisdom  meets modern mediumship.  When working with clients, Gurdeep uses a trance mediumistic connection, and as she blends her energy, with the energy of her spirit team and deity energies, she uses ancient Indian Yogic Mudras, or hand gestures, and works with her client’s energy centres to bring about balance on many levels.  It’s a deep, deep healing modality and I just know you are going to learn so much by listening to this episode.

My name is Ann Théato, and the mission of the Psychic Matters Podcast, is to teach you proven techniques for spiritual and psychic development from the comfort of your own home. I investigate the teachings of experts across the globe, to bring you their wisdom, their advice and their spiritual wealth.

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