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How frustrating is it for a child who sees ghosts, yet no parent will believe? Do you ever share your stories again? Or do you persist, hoping that one day, someone will believe? 

Here is a preview of a story.
“I live in a little old mining town in the middle of Sweden. The town was built in the 1700s. I have never believed in ghosts, and I have always had a way to explain things that happen, like sleep paralysis or just my mind playing tricks, but this story I’m about to tell breaks my brain.. maybe I’m about to change my mind, maybe.
 I worked mornings in a lumbermill, so I had to get up early, around 04:30. So I get in my car and start my 20min drive. As you leave our town, you drive past a cemetery, and then you come out on a road where there is a river on the left and a Wheatfield on the right and also on the left an old milestone from the 1700s.
 It’s still dark outside, and as I pass the milestone, I see a totally black figure walking along the right side of the road toward me. I just pass the figure without seeing a face or anything just black. I instantly got goosebumps, and I’m looking in my rearview mirror and thinking, “wow, that looked creepy” and “what if that was a ghost” how often have you thought that while passing someone? Also, when you pass someone in the dark with black clothes, they often shine or maybe turn a grey color in the light, that did not happen, it was totally black.”

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