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On this episode we talk about one of the most contentious and censoriously restricted topics on the internet; admittedly on an extremely dark subject with many many potentially litigiously vulnerable points but something that has been misinterpreted, covered up and in a real sense, the true factual details forgotten about online; this one is all about Pizzagate.

From the Podesta email leak and Anthony Weiners laptop showing Hillary up to be a bold pup; to a popular internet generated rumour of a blood drinking death cult and a lad driving hundreds of miles to shoot up a pizza place because of someones instagram content; this episode is pretty wild to be honest! There is so much stuff about Pizzagate that can be dismissed an noncesense and yet, so much of it is observable and real, but wholly ignored by mainstream media and disavowed and not believed by the general public.

This episode is about the Pizzagate incident itself and the build up and immediate aftermath so no real chat about Epstein or even the newly popular Balenciaga scandal, but I hope this to be the full and frank account of what happened and what was exposed in those weird few months before and just after the 2016 election when it came to top level elites being accused of child endangerment (and the rest!) We examine the facts; discuss the rumours, disempower the propaganda and, even though the subject in abjectly dark and horrible, have a few laughs too!


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