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When you are a “sensitive” person, you have to take extra special care of your physical body as well as your spiritual self. And this can be easily overlooked.

If you are sensitive your physical body becomes “hypersensitive” to the energy which surrounds you. And this ability to be more energetically aware, comes with pros and cons. Some of the cons are how it can take a toll on your physical body. It’s very important to maintain a strong physical and spiritual body because they work together. Which means you need to pay extra attention to your physical health.

So in order to stay properly balanced and “healthy” when you are sensitive your physical body will require some extra care:

~ More & Consistent Exercise – to ground the body and release excess energy.

~ More Earth Energy – to help balance spiritual and physical energies within the bodies.

~ More Nutrients – to help keep the physical body strong as it’s required when dealing with energy surge and energy drain.

So when I find things to help you maintain proper health and wellness as a sensitive, I share it with you. Join me as I talk more about taking care of your physical health as you develop and work with your psychic and spiritual senses.

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