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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode, originally posted November 24, 2020) It has several names all over the world such as the Bogey Beast, the Black Shuck, Hairy Jack, Padfoot, Striker, and more. But a phantom black dog by any other name is still a phantom black dog. (Phantom Black Dogs) *** Dalton Highway is already a scary road for those driving down the ice-covered highways of Alaska. The loneliness on the barren stretch of highway can go on for hours without seeing a single soul. But for one ice road trucker, that solitude would be interrupted by something terrifying and unexplainable. (The Terror On Dalton Highway) *** Hunters come across a strange note left behind by someone who claimed he’d been stuck in the wilderness for over a week and was out picking berries, but the hunters soon realized there was no one out berry-picking, for the person who wrote the note was already dead – and had been for over two weeks. 
(Into The Wild – The Death of Chris McCandless) *** Sometimes drugs can work too well – for example, a hair-loss prevention drug could turn your own children into hairy wolfman-like monsters! (Drugs Turn Babies Into Werewolves) *** The dark practice of body snatching was a lucrative business, committed by those with a strong stomach and a willingness to disturb the dead to turn a profit. (Body Snatchers) *** High in the Himalayas is a mysterious lake with a very grisly secret. (What’s At The Bottom of Skeleton Lake?) *** Megalodon died out millennia ago. But our fascination with this mighty shark will never go extinct. We are so obsessed with this ancient leviathan that people still claim to spot Megalodon even today – but that couldn’t be, could it? (The Return of Megalodon) *** Megalodon isn’t the only creature of the deep people report sighting. For centuries a denizen of oceanic monsters have allegedly been seen – but the question is whether or not they are fact or fantasy. (Sea Myths or Sea Monsters)
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