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This episode was called Petronilla's Garden and it was our Season 1 finale!!! Focusing on the witch trials in Ireland (or lack there of) the cocktail that wrapped the season was inspired by the fate of Irish women accused of witchcraft! Brewed by ourselves, it was a 'herb-ful' concoction in which our resident mixologist Alex included; Aqua Vitae.  The original recipe belonging to the bad guy in our jam-packed finale still exists today, which we used! Take that Richard Ledrede! – we name our drink after one of your victims of 'justice'. Of the very few Irish witch trials recorded, Caoimhe & Laura focused on the first and last ones in Ireland; Alice Kyteler and the Islandmagee witches – what they were accused of and their punishments. What surprised us most though? – how coveted dairy products were in Ireland….one could argue they still are #bewarethebutterwitch

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In preparing for our own depositions, the sourced we consulted were: Andrew Sneddon’s Possessed by the Devil, Malt-Review.com, Punchdrink.com, https://www.spookyisles.com/ireland-witch-trials/, https://sites.google.com/site/supernaturaleire/irish-witch-trials , https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/people/witchipedia-ireland-s-most-famous-witches-1.3262008 , https://www.jstor.org/stable/24338815 Witchcraft belief and trials in early modern Ireland – Dr Andrew Sneddon, https://www.historyireland.com/medieval-history-pre-1500/the-sorcery-trial-of-alice-kyteler-by-bernadette-williams/, https://www.historyireland.com/volume-22/possessed-devil-real-history-islandmagee-witches-irelands-mass-witchcraft-trial/, Larissa Tracy ‘Torture & Brutality in Medieval Literature’ & https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/158276553/ann-glover 

Thank you so much for listening to Irish Spirits Season 1 , let's pray to Lucifer and all of his ghouls that we will be reunited to drink together for Season 2! Much love – Caoimhe, Laura & Alex

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